High Drive Pups

Training For Active, Motivated Dogs – And Their Humans

Available Dogs

We work with several different local Rescue Organizations, including Tracking Lucky Dogs Rescue, Friends of Fido, and Lake Erie German Shepherd Rescue.

At any one point, we have are boarding and training dogs available for adoption.  After a preliminary temperament screening, they are (if needed) house trained and taken through a structured play-and-train program.  They work for food games, work for toys, and we focus on proper socialization, confidence building, recall, and basic polite behaviors.  If a dog is boarded with us for a longer period of time and/or is comfortable in new environments and around new people, that allows us the opportunity to shift from socialization to more formal obedience training.

Following adoption, we continue to offer ongoing support for the rescue dogs that have been boarded with us.  That includes one free private training session at our facility, as well as affordable follow-up lesson plans.  Our goal is to allow these dogs to go to their new homes with their “best paw forward.”

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